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We have always been about fun and not so much about nuts and bolts judging of the cars. All registered cruisers vote for cars in all the categories and their choice for "King of the Mtn". We tried to make our classes fun and unique, so pick the best category on the registration form and good luck. HOT ROD: Any old car that’s been modified to out-run a police car. CAR OR TRUCK MODIFIED/CUSTOM : Any old or newer car/truck that has an altered body and or paint that you would like to be seen in on a Friday night at the local A&W Drive In. CAR OR TRUCK CLASSIC/RESTORED : Any old car that looks and drives the same as the day it came off the showroom floor. SPORT CARS: Any 2-seated fast & fun car, U.S. or foreign. MOONSHINE HAULER: Any old car or truck that looks stock, but can outrun Revenue Agents to the State line and haul moonshine without being noticed. RAT ROD: Any traditional build un-restored, nostalgia type performance parts. NO JUDGING: I'm here to have fun, look at my car but don't judge me. 
All the CAR CLASSES: 1st, 2nd, 3rd "King of the Mountain": 1st Place Jim "Ragman" Tuschhoff Memorial Award: 1st Place People's Choice: 1st Place Ladies Choice: 1st Place Kid's Choice: 1st Place Club Participation: 1st, 2nd Hard luck: 1st Place
Winners 2013- “King of the Mtn.” & “Ragman” Memorial Award
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“King of the Mountain 2013” Brian Leetch, Camas, WA. 1941 Willys Coupe
“Ragman Memorial Award 2013” Jim & Shanah Percy, Meridian, ID. 1956 Ford Pick-up
The Tuschhoff Family presenting the 2013 “Ragman” Memorial Award
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